"Fashion would not be fashion without furs!" is our motto.

For 60 years our passion, know-how and creativity have allowed us to produce unique styles to suit our clientele lifestyle and highlight their individuality. A deep and special sense of refinement, obsession to details and perfect craftsmanship are the signature and the spirit of Maison FISCHELIS.

FISCHELIS daily challenge is to excel beyond possible frontiers, satisfy and achieve our customer's dream!

FISCHELIS has an ambitious sourcing policy towards the materials used to create its products — one that is evidence-based, conscientious, and meets the high standards people rightly expect. As such, FISCHELIS is certified FURMARK®, the comprehensive global certification and traceability system for natural fur that guarantees animal welfare and environmental standards.

While FURMARK® offers “end-to-end” certification (covering the entire supply chain and certifying the resultant product). Precisely because every stage of the FURMARK® supply chain is certified; the system also incorporates “sourcing-level” certification (covering the start of the supply chain and certifying the natural raw material itself) because of the various industry leading animal welfare and environmental programs for farm-raised fur and wild fur. These programs cover a range of fur types, from mink, fox, and Finnraccoon (WelFur) to karakul (Swakara) as well as the process of dressing and dyeing.

FISCHELIS is committed to sourcing fur responsibly and to a sustainable supply chain. Sustainable natural fur sourced from these science-based, third-party verified, and transparent programs is recognized as such and is considered certified under FURMARK®.

FURMARK®-certified products will include the appropriate labels, complete with a unique alphanumeric code. FISCHELIS customers and prospective customers are able to access detailed traceability information about the fur incorporated into their FISCHELIS product using the FURMARK® Trace Now portal. https://furmark.com