At the end of March 1930, Raymond FISCHELIS, the 1st generation, finished his apprenticeship and open a workshop at 31 Rue de Toqueville in Paris in the 17th arrondissement, this is the beginning of the history of Maison FISCHELIS.
Gerard FISCHELIS started his apprenticeship in the 50's under the mentoring of his father and perfected his knowledge with several fur and Haute Couture craft masters.

In the late 60's Father and Son formed a partnership to open a retail store with its own atelier located Avenue Mozart in the 16th arrondissement, a prime Paris neighborhood.

Due to a positioning with best quality skins, exquisite workmanship, a skilled made to measure atelier, as well as a unique style, they rapidly established their brand and differentiated their identity as leader in their field.

The House G.R. FISCHELIS is today recognized by an international clientele throughout Europe but also Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia as well as the USA.

Every year in the new collection, G.R FISCHELIS faithful customers can enjoy the special service and attention they receive to help them select attractive and irresistible pieces: whether a mink coat, a sable jacket, a chinchilla bolero, etc.

In 2004, Gerard's son, Benjamin, the 3rd generation - after completing his apprenticeship under the mentorship of the brand’s in-house master craftsmen - joined the company with the desire to continue and build on the family’s tradition of artistry & know-how.

Recently, a new line of fur and leather accessories, including handbags, clutches and hats -as well as bed covers and throws- was introduced to complement the brand’s signature outerwear collection.

Distribution grows with exlusive partnerships, and exhibitions in the best spots of the world; G.R. FISCHELIS is also distributed in the French Alps in Megève and Courchevel.

In 2006, G.R. FISCHELIS became a member of the 'Purple Club' composed by the 100 most prestigious and exclusive furriers in the world, selected according to their High Quality standard, skilled execution as well as the beauty of their style. This label is granted by 'Kopenhagen Fur', which also recognized the House G.R. FISCHELIS as one of the true French Luxury Brand.
G.R. FISCHELIS is regularly awarded with certificates for buying Top Lot at auctions throughout the world: Sable in St Petersburg (Russia); minks in Denmark and Finland and fox in North America.
2021, to celebrate the third generation of Furriers the logo of Maison “G.R FISCHELIS – Fourreur-Créteur- Paris “ is reinvented to “FISCHELIS-PARIS”; Paris, city of Beauty, History and Luxury.

Today our collection has evolved with the introduction of a successful lifestyle Men’s collection emphasizing our unique “savoir faire”.

We continue to maintain our ADN, the excellence of our hand work and art of Craft with a selection of exclusive materials, leathers and furs.

In addition the respect for our environment as well as sustainability remains our priorities.